CGT Dallas began in 2015 and competed in the Independent Open Class in 2015 and 2016. In 2017 CGT Dallas moved into the Independent World Class. To date, CGT Dallas has been a five-time WGI World Championship Finalist, the 2018 WGI Fan Favorite, and a five-time NTCA Gold Medalist. In 2020, CGT Dallas will compete in the Independent World Class locally, at WGI Regionals, and at WGI World Championships. 

In an effort to bring both groups closer together for the 2018 season, CGT Denton was rebranded, renamed, and moved to Denton, TX. In 2018, CGT Denton received the Silver Medal at WGI World Championships in Open Class and moved into the Independent World Class along side CGT Dallas for the 2019 season. CGT Denton earned a 2019 World Class Finalist position finishing 11th place. CGT Denton will continue in the World Class in 2020 competing locally, at WGI Regionals, and at the WGI World Championships.