2019 Summer Clinics

End of Summer Spin Clinic:

Get a leg up on auditions! You may learn something that will be used in the audition process!

Sunday, August 25th - 12pm-6pm - $25 (Includes a summer Clinic #2 Tank top) - At Cedar hill HS

Intermediate and Advanced Classes will be offered.

Cash and card will be accepted at the door.


2020 Auditions

Saturday, August 31st from 10am-6pm

Sunday, September 1st from 10am-6pm

Audition fee: $50

Location TBA

Please stay tuned to our website/social media for information as it becomes available!

Auditions and Clinics: FAQ


-Are there age limits for the clinics?

No! We strive to make our clinics an “experience a day in the life of CGT”. We write the kind of choreography we spin. For many people, this will be difficult, but that’s the point right?

-Do you offer intermediate classes?

We have in the past and will determine if that is needed when we see the number of pre-registrations. In short, no, not always.

-Who teaches the clinics?

A mix of staff and performers. We think it is important for you to learn from not only our staff, but also learn from the performers you see and connect with in our productions.

-Do I have to do all three pieces of equipment at the clinic?

Nope! You pay for the full clinic and all of the classes are available for you. You are not required to do anything except have a great time!


-Age requirements?

In World Class we have no age maximum. We do not contract members that are still in high school. We place a lot of responsibility on our performers in the show and as adults representing CGT in public. Four our organization, this works best post-graduation.

-Do I have to spin weapon to audition?

No! There is always a place for the amazing flag who doesn’t really find a weapon to be their thing!

-Do I have to attend the clnics to audition?

No you don’t, however, the last two years we have taken clinic routines and added onto them for the audition. We strongly recommend you attend the clinic to get a feel for what the audition will be like.

-what is the rehearsal schedule like?

We begin with Sunday’s only in September after auditions and October. In November we begin full weekend rehearsals through April. We will have a “Christmas Camp” the 27th, 28th, and 29th of December that you would be required to attend regardless of your holiday plans.

-Can I be a director and march?

You can. Many have made it work in the past. We have a system of blocking out weekends to make sure you are present at rehearsal while still having enough time to take your school to a show.

-How much does CGT Cost?

For 2019 the fees were $1,700 broken into a monthly payment plan. There are also additional fundraising requirements. A list of what this covers is included with your contract if you are given one.

Do you have additional questions not covered here?

Click on the “connect” tab on the top right of the screen and ask away!